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Understanding Virtual Marketing – How to be seen.


Marketing is advertising publicity and sales technique. Once you start a business, now the next step is to tell people your services’ robust marketing approach leads to good profit. Marketing people must be reliable with excellent communication skills. But because of the revolution in the industry, people are using modern tools now. Priority is to maximize profit with minimum cost. Now in this contemporary era, because of heavy work, people didn’t get priority to meet. Online marketing is best to boost your business and without any cost or minimum. If you hire people for marketing, they could cover only a specific area in a particular city, but digital marketing is something interesting. You can expand your business and do marketing all over the countryside, even in the whole world

The importance of marketing is high because you start your business, and people don’t know what it’s about, and then it will be of no use. The next step is enhancement. Big companies or small both rely on digital marketing. It is a modern way of exposure, either creation of blogs, content writing, or posters.

It is a modern tool to expand your business with least sources, money, and investment you are no longer to take any loan people with congested sources can start within no time it is a smart way to get the advantage.

Start a business and connect with some social apps; now you are into a phase of promotion marketing, virtual marketing business can be paired with these apps on the internet.

Virtual marketing is digital marketing; no need to invest a lot with zero cost. You can promote your business in virtual marketing. People and apps are interconnected through Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. You search on google and see this on YouTube and Facebook because all are interconnected.

The old way was to send letters to people through post offices, which take a lot of time and money. The letters went to a person who showed an interest in conversing. Business people would print posters and distribute them in a specific area, including the cost of workers’ vehicle cost paper and printing. Nowadays, in this modern era, digital marketing is used for the promotion of business. It involves different app social apps, which are interconnected people are attracted through it; this is the cheapest source. Everyone nowadays uses the internet so companies can easily approach them by multiple sharing or through paid promotions.

This is a new interconnected world in which many people are interconnected with themselves, and you can simply share on these apps or paid promotion you start video on YouTube. Still, before there is an addition of 10 to 15 sec in the form of a video which you see and able to know the different business, people often didn’t read paragraph block, but you can also promote in the form of video.

Virtual is now expanding. It is a modern way of business job creation and money earning from home. Companies recruit different people, and people can work from their homes all over the virtual market is modern marketing.


  • Traditional (the 1900s)

In the 1900s, one way of advertising through Television radio print, but that was the expensive as money has much worth in those eras, and Television radios are quite less.

  • Digital (the 1990s)

Digital in the 1990s include two ways of advertisement in that era net was not much universal, but few have access personalization eCommerce web, etc.

  • Social (2000s)

It happened in communities; it occurred through shared things, group conversations, social marketing, and user-generated tools.

  • Mobile(2010s)

Now, connectivity is through mobile phones and marketing by sending messages to numbers in groups and by calling them to achieve targets, but that still involved a considerable cost.

  • Virtual (2015)

Now in virtual marketing through modern tools, it’s undergoing, and at cheap rates, it is happening. It includes Facebook twitter Instagram WhatsApp and new advanced tools.

As the world makes progress new tools and a new way of marketing is discovered, the cost is highly reduced because of it now the modern world has 4G 5G everyone use the internet some countries even have high technology so because of this more people interconnect and at less cost and everyone now using this technology.

Tips and tricks

It includes a few different steps tricks tips strategy to describe below mostly you don’t need any high cost to invest. Still, in some cases, if you want a quick result in a short time, they could spend. For example, if you’re going to run up, add for your business, you can follow some of the below steps for success.


  • Situation analysis

What is the situation what you want to do what’s in your mind now your thinking is changed into practical these all include situation analysis from all aspects viewing your information situation backup and then report.

  • Competitor analysis

This includes what your competitors are doing in the market, which challenges you would face in the future. How can you compete? How can you make a maximum profit? How can you survive in the market? These all include competitor analysis consist of challenges which you would face in the future.

  • Research

The overall research is significant for your product. If you want to start a new business, your business should make a good plan if the company is already present to collect all information regarding it. Go for meetings with different people and do all research relating to it because the study is collecting data, and by information collection, you will succeed.

  • Geographical research

Geographical has its importance either the product launch there will get maximum attention or not and of their use if of no use, then people will not buy your product and don’t show interest in you and your company. Hence, the geographical location has its importance gather. and collect all information precisely

  • Surveys

The survey is the most important. What studies say get some volunteers to gather information regarding this make sure you get different volunteers and fill the form from them and then use them to gather information this all cover in survey forms

  • Trends research

The trend is most famous as people follow directions and you have to know what’s the present trend what will be future what people like mostly their attention in which thing they have more interest this all include in this. After trend research, your research history will be completed, and you will be shifted toward the next phase to make proper documentation of your research.

Content development

These include your content either in blog form or in video form all work related to this will be studied here, and it will follow the following steps and content you would send to others

  • Case studies

Conduct different case studies. From various case studies, you will be able to know the basics of content development with more case studies you get more knowledge case studies are compulsory before any failure you can learn many things, this all include in these, and case study takes time and give most of the time to this.

  • Brochures

You can print in the form of advertisements and distribute to other people different markets different shops, and this is costly if you have much fewer expenses you can try this way, this is good for those areas where people have fewer internet opportunities not use of many nets not trend following then brochures will be a good example

  • Websites

Websites like word press you can use those tools WordPress to develop a website and share all content on that, and by sharing website links, your marketing will be done on everything website link presents so all people may contact there. On the website, detailed information is there.

  • Portals

You can also use portals for the development of content and upload there

  • Blogs

Blogs can also be useful through technical writers it consists of a paragraph short with all complete necessary details

  • Emails

It can be shared via emails

  • Creative campaign

Creative campaigns conducted in schools’ office’s parks all gathering areas shopping malls

  • Newsletter

The best way is a newspaper where blogs can be posted so the maximum number of people can read and attract toward it newspaper has it’s worth spreading news in different cities along with the whole country, but this is expensive.

  • presentation

Content is developed and can spread through presentations by giving a present, but it takes a lot of time, and people don’t have time, so it’s a not good plan. Always go for a project which is least time taking and less money consuming, which has more benefits.

Social media marketing

It means which marketing you are choosing, either it is online it is personnel or creative it all depends upon your strategies plan requirement and case studies. And this is most common free of cost with zero investment.

  • personnel branding
  • online reputation
  • management
  • business blogging
  • creative strategies
  • collaboration solution

Search engine optimization

It is the most important one if you are working on YouTube recruit digital marketing expert who has good knowledge in this field because research engine optimization gives high vies to your video. It can take eight months to a year for progress for your channel.

This one is an essential tool when marketing through videos.


All you design banners; every design must be significant because it involves psychology. All flags must be in proper shape with all information filled on it. Perfect designing gets attention more people like and attract towards it.

Email marketing

Email marketing through emails, but most people do not use mails, so it’s not the right choice, but it’s a vast complete topic. It’s good for people who are getting higher studies and don’t have enough time to use social apps.

eCommerce integration

This includes online shopping your company has skills or not for online buying all things involved in this is eCommerce is online trading.

Digital audit

This includes how much money you have invested and how you could get all refunds, including all audit techniques. But this is not the right choice because choose virtual free marketing not paid; in money, there is risk and start with zero cost.

So these are all the steps which are included in it.


Virtual marketing is a modern way of using the tool. It is modern marketing, so for expansion of your business, choose virtual marketing, which is free, and through social apps, money involvement in paid promotion involves risk, so avoid those tasks. Virtual marketing involves different social apps that are interconnected, so it’s a great tool used with zero or minimum investment. Virtual marketing also needs zero or less experience for this.


  • Alejandra Ballesteros

  • Pabitra Dangol

  • Neil a Morgan

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